Roads and Traffic

There are over 735 km of local roads in the shire area. Council's objective for the roads is to provide a safe, efficient and maintained network of roads and road related facilities.

These local roads consist of:

  • 48 km urban
  • 299 km non-urban sealed
  • 388 km non-urban unsealed

There are also:

  • 16 bridges constructed of concrete/steel     
  • 1 bridge constructed of timber

In addition to these local roads, Council also carried out maintenance on Regional Roads (which are funded by the RTA).

Council carries out the routine activities of road maintenance, linemarking and signposting. 

Council constructs and maintains footpaths, bus stops including shelters and bridges.

Capital works on the road network are prioritised on a needs basis and are listed capital works programs under the headings of:

  • Road pavement rehabilitation
  • Sealing gravel roads
  • kerb and gutter
  • Stormwater
  • Footpath

For further information, please contact Council's Technical Services department on 02 6386 0100