Harden Shire Council has undertaken a community based heritage study for the entire Harden Shire.  The study was completed by Graham Edds and Associates with a Thematic History completed by Terry Kass.  With the assistance of the community and property owners some of the items identified in the study are now heritage items as listed in Schedule 5 of Harden Local Environmental Plan.


To assist building owners with works on listed buildings Council has, with funding provided by the NSW Heritage Office, engaged heritage advisor, Mr Ray Christison.  Mr Christison is available for meetings, site visits and discussions one day per month.  An appointment can be booked by contacting Council’s Customer Services Officers on 6386 0100.


As part of the recognition of the important place heritage buildings play in the fabric of our built landscape, Council has sent up a local heritage fund to assist owners of heritage listed items undertake works.  Applications for funding open in August each year and must be accompanied by a scope of works and quotes from tradespeople to undertake the works.  If you are the owner of a heritage listed building, it is suggested that you contact Mr Christison prior to August to discuss what funding may be available to assist you in undertaking works on a heritage listed building.  It should be noted that funds are limited and the operation of the fund is only possible with the support of the NSW Heritage Office.

Local Heritage Committee - Expressions of Interest

Local Heritage Committee - Expressions of Interest Form