Preparing and Lodging a Development Application?

When lodging a Development Application (DA) you must submit a completed application form, along with the following information.  Council staff may advise you of any other additional information that may be required:

  • consent from all the registered owners.  If a company owns the property, the signature of two directors and the company stamp or seal is required;
  • A statement of Environmental Effects which includes details of the proposed development including the existing use, operating hours, staff numbers, goods to be produced or stored, existing and proposed car spaces and loading facilities.  This statement should detail any expected impacts of the development on the environment, adjoining premises or the public.  It should also include a description of the existing situation and the proposed development.
  • A minimum of three (3) sets of drawings must be prepared for the proposed development.  These must include:


1.      A site plan showing the location of the development within a building or within the locality.  The site plan should also identify the site, streets, adjoining properties and a North point.

2.      Plans showing the details of the proposed development in relation to adjoining premises and streets if applicable.  If the proposal is for part of a floor of a building only, the floor plan of the whole floor must be provided.

3.      Elevations showing the view of the development from all visible sides in relation to adjoining premises (not required where there is no new work proposed).

4.      Cross sections through appropriate areas of the site (not required where there is no new work proposed).

5.      New work must be coloured, with a clear distinction being made between existing structures and proposed alterations and additions.  Drawings must be to scale - normally at 1:100 - and suitably numbered and dated.

  • Sign applications require plan and elevation details of the location, size and width of the sign, height above ground, materials, colouring, text including size of lettering, graphics and logo, and illumination.
  • A BASIX Certificate applies throughout NSW for Houses, Dual Occupancies, Villas, Townhouses, Multi-Unit Apartments as well as some swimming pools and additions to buildings.  For more information regarding BASIX and to obtain a BASIX certificate visit
  • Payment of DA fee.