Political Donations and Gifts

The NSW Government has implemented legislation (Local Government and Planning Legislation Amendment (Political Donations) Act 2008) requiring disclosure of political donations and gifts when lodging or making submission to development proposals.  The declaration is to be made at time of lodgment of an application or when making submission (either an objection or in support).

When donations or gifts must be declared, the Political Donations and Gift Disclosure Statement Form must be completed in full and lodged with the development application or submission.

A reportable donation is defined as;

·         $1,000 or more made to or for the benefit of the part, elected member, group or candidate; or

·         $1,000 or more made by a major political donor to or for the benefit of a party, elected member, group or candidate, or made to the major political donor; or

·         Less than $1,000 if the aggregated total of the donations made by the entity or person to the same party, elected member, group, candidate or person within the same financial year (ending 30 June) is $1,000 or more.

Political donations and gifts disclosure statement (PDF - 83.92KB)