New Hilltops Council Proclaimed

13 May 2016 1:29 PM -
On 12 May 2016, the NSW Government announced the merger of several Councils
across NSW. The announcement included a new Hilltops Council consisting of the
former Harden, Young and Boorowa Councils.

As a result of proclamations made by the Government the three former Councils cease
to exist effective as of 12 May 2016 with the new Hilltops Council commencing
operation at the same time.

Included in the proclamation was the naming of Wendy Tuckerman as the Administrator
of the new Council, Anthony McMahon as the interim General Manager and David Aber
as an interim Deputy General Manager.

“At this early stage we are still obtaining information on the merger process from the
Government, with a workshop scheduled over the coming weekend in Sydney to further
clarify the situation” said Mr McMahon.

The timing of the announcements on mergers by the Government has taken place
earlier than anticipated with the Government previously stating announcements would
be made in the middle of the year. “I have been in contact with Wendy and as a
consequence of the announcement she is cutting short an overseas holiday to be back
for the weekends workshops” said Mr McMahon.

Although the three former Councils no longer exist the initial impact on the community is
expected to be minimal. “In the first instance we will be focused on keeping the day to
day operations of the Council as business as usual so that the community can still
interact with the Council without negative impact. As things gradually start to change we
will keep the community informed on any factors that may impact them” said Mr