Council's Environmental Services Section is responsible for protection and enhancement of the local environment.

This encompasses a wide range of areas and includes activities, noxious weeds control, water quality, erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, animal control, waste management, enforcement of environmental legislation, cleaner production, noise, air and water pollution, on-site sewerage management and community awareness education programs.

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Water Restrictions

This section contains details and updates on the latest water restrictions in Harden Shire.

With the recent onset of hot weather Harden Sh...

Waste & Recycling

Council is an active and registered participant of the drumMUSTER scheme. The drumMUST...

State of the Environment Reporting

Every four years Council prepares a comprehensive State of the Environment Report in conjunction with the ACT Office of the Commissioner for Sus...

South West Regional Waste Management Group

The South West Regional Waste Management Group is a group of eight (8) Councils working collaboratively together to manage waste within their in...