Draft Policies on Public Exhibition

There are currently no draft policies on exhibition.

Adopted Council Policies are available to download from this webpage.

Due to the large number of Policies and their size, it is not possible to include all the policies on Council's website. If you wish to receive an electronic copy of any Policy that isn't already published on this website, please contact Council.

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Harden Shire Council
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Fax: 02 6386 0105


Access to Council Documents Policy (PDF 326KB)

Access to Information and Interaction between Councillors and Staff Policy (PDF 611KB)

Airscreen Hire Policy (PDF - 412.77KB)

Asset Management Policy (PDF - 155.29KB)

Backflow prevention Policy (PDF 253KB)

B-Double Route Access (PDF 506KB)

Code of Conduct (PDF 1.03MB)

Code of Meeting Practice (PDF)

Keeping of Domestic Animals Policy (PDF - 240.02KB)

Competitive Neutrality Policy (PDF 241KB)

Complaints Management Policy (PDF 265KB)

Crown Road Maintenance Policy (PDF 269KB)

Council Lane Access policy (PDF 416KB)

Delegations Register (PDF) (955.3 KIB)

Disposal Policy (PDF 342KB)

Donations Policy (PDF 237KB)

Payment of Expenses and the Provision of Facilities to Administrators, Implementation Advisory Group and Local Representative Committee Members (PDF)

Principal Certifying Authority - Service Agreement (PDF)

Pesticide Use Notification Policy & Plan for Outdoor Public Places (PDF 584KB)

Grafitti Removal Policy (PDF 217KB)

Undetectable Leak Policy (PDF 217KB)

Use of Council facilities by elected Politicians Policy (PDF 196KB)

Street Stall Policy (PDF 220KB)

Water Flow Restrictor Policy (PDF 215KB)

Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Mayor and Councillors Policy (PDF 478KB)

Recruitment of Directors Policy (PDF 209KB)

Road Naming Policy (PDF - 140.33KB)

Secondary Employment Policy (PDF 310KB)

Service Response Policy (PDF 94 kb)

Use of Council facilities Policy (PDF 196KB)

Use of Council footpaths (PDF)

Structures on Council's Footpaths Policy (PDF)