Companion Animals

As of the 1st July 1999 the new rules pertaining to registration and identification of cats and dogs came into effect.

Pound Puppies

Dogs picked up by Council staff who are not microchipped will be listed on this page for rehoming. If you would like to re-home a Council Pound Puppy you must meet the following requirements before the puppy can go home with you:

  • Have the animal microchipped. Payment must be made at the time of microchipping.
  • Have the animal registered. Payment of registration is made at the Council office.

For more information about re-homing a pound puppy contact the council office on (02) 6386 0100.

Current Pound Puppies

Responsible Dog and Cat Ownership

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world.  For the majority of us our dogs are our friends and companions.  They are much loved members of our families.  Microchipping and registering your dog and keeping it from cause a nuisance to others shows that you are a responsible dog owner.


Unfortunately, there are a small number of people who do not care for their animals responsibly.  These animals often become a problem for the community.  By having dog as a pet you take on the responsibility to make sure your dog does not cause a nuisance to other people.  Council receives numerous complaints about dogs that are causing a nuisance by barking or being allowed to wander outside their own yard.  Training and control of your dog is a must.

Contact Details

Harden Shire Council
Phone: 02 6386 0100
Fax: 02 6386 0105


Responsible Dog Ownership Fact sheet (PDF 70KB)

Keeping of Dogs (PDF)

Responsible Cat Ownership Fact sheet (PDF)

Companion Animals (Dogs & Cats)

Lifetime, once only registration is a key feature of the new laws, however this involves the permanent identification by micro chipping, of the animal

From the 1st of July 2002 micro chipping and lifetime registration of dogs became mandatory.

Council will be continuing to undertake random collection patrols for stray animals. Unregistered dogs that are claimed by their owners will only be released after micro-chipping and lifetime registration is completed.

New fines exist for animals that are unleashed in inappropriate areas or where animals defecate and their owners do not clean this up. These fines start at $ 110 and Council will continue to issue these in order to ensure a safe and clean neighbourhood for all.

De-leashed areas in Harden Shire are generally all areas outside of the town and village 60 km/h road speed signs. All dogs within the township areas should be on a leash when not on their owner's property.

Barking dog complaints are also on the increase. In order that everyone in your neighbourhood is not inconvenienced, please ensure that your animal/s have ample food and water and a reasonable exercise area on your property.

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