Community Initiatives Program

Harden Shire Council assesses applications under the Community Initiatives Program on an annual basis. The 2016 applications will be opened in the fourth quarter. Applicants are to relate their submission to the following criteria:
  • Not for profit community organisations providing a community service within the Harden Shire region where there is a demonstrated community need or benefit;
  • Educational institutions within the Harden Shire for award presentations;
  • Sporting Associations for awards or sport development funding;
  • Charitable organisations for fundraising by individuals or not for profit community organisations;
  • Organisations involved in cultural development within the Harden Shire; and/or
  • Organisations that provide a valuable service or benefit for which there are no alternate funding sources

Additional criteria for Events and Festivals are as follows:

  • Community benefit through an increased range and quality of events and festivals;
  • Economic/tourism benefit by increased visitors to the Harden Shire;
  • Event planning and marketing;
  • Community support;
  • Co-contribution of funds; and/or
  • Financial viability of the organisation and event.