Stats & Facts

The results of the 2011 Census for the Harden Shire can be viewed at ABS.


Shire Map (PDF 296 kb)

Area: 186,121 hectares
Population: 3,584
State Highways: 26km
State Main Roads: 58km
Regional Roads: 77km
Shire Roads and Streets: 736km
Bridges: 31
Parks and Reserves: 97 hectares -Including pools, playgrounds, sports ovals [cricket, rugby league, rugby union, soccer fields and golf courses)
Post Codes
Harden Murrumburrah, Kingsvale, Prune Vale, Wombat 2587
Galong 2585
Jugiong 2726
Emergency Services
Police Service Dentist
Ambulance Service Rural Fire Service
NSW Fire Brigade State Emergency Services
Medical Centre Rural Fire Service
Distances to Major City
Wagga Wagga 130 klm - 1.5 hrs
Canberra 125 klm - 1.5 hrs
Sydney 377 klm - 3.5 hrs
Melbourne 560 klm - 5.5 hrs
Site Valuation of Land
Town of Harden: $15,000-25,000 average block
Rural Area: $2,000-2,200/acre average