Public Health

The town has been fortunate in always having the services of two or three doctors, but hospital facilities were not available until 1927 when the District Hospital opened. Some of the doctors ran private hospitals, but otherwise all cases were sent to Young or Cootamundra. The locals supported both these institutions by collections or running functions.

With the availability of rail travel the dental needs of the populace were met by travelling dentists who set up their surgeries in one of the local hotels for a day or two each month. Painless extractions, fillings using all the precious metals and the latest false teeth were among the extravagant promises.

General town hygiene and the disposal of night soil was a constant problem. In the last century pigs and goats roamed the streets, the residents deposited all their rubbish in the streets and lanes and in wet weather the cess pits overflowed. Typhoid Fever and other diseases were not uncommon and in 1909 the sanitary services came under severe criticism due to the prevalence of Typhoid. After that, the service improved, but it was years before the 'night cart' ceased its rounds. Despite the obvious advantages many householders were reluctant to abandon the outhouse on the back fence in favour of an inside lavatory.

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