Commonwealth BankThe value of the banking system in the consolidation of land settlement and commerce cannot be over estimated. Much of the early banking was done with Young branches but Yass also had its share.

To safeguard their money from bushrangers many settlers cut their bank notes in half, sending one half to their bank on one mail coach and the other half of the next coach. The Oriental Banking Co (1875) and the Australian Joint Stock Bank (1880) were the first to open at Murrumburrah. Both fell victims to the land boom and droughts.

In 1884 the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney took over the Oriental. The Bank of New South Wales opened in 1913 and operated until taken over by the Commonwealth in 1932 although it had an agency at the Post Office from 1877. The Union Bank also operated for a number of years, closing in 1943 because of war time restrictions.

As the township has always been a centre to service the surrounding district it has had a fluctuating prosperity. In the early days its tradesmen, stores and hotels serviced the teamsters, travellers, landowners and miners. For a while goldmining increased the population then the railway workshops again boosted the numbers, which declined again after duplication of the Main Southern Railway Line in 1915. The town still serves the District's needs.

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